Marek Straka manažérske poradenstvo

Driving Business Performance

Management consulting

Market is evolving fast, creating challenges and competition. To grow your business you have to innovate and optimize.
Where I give a helping hand? I do consulting for companies to help them with business growth strategies.

Business Strategies

Growth or business strategy needs marketing, finance and automation.
How to find the right direction?
My goal is to tailor company strategy, business model and analytics to effectively respond to a market stimulus.

Change Management

In the last decade I worked with firms of different sizes.
Need a company change?
I prepare an effective plan and scope. On top of that I manage and drive company projects and change management.

I worked with

Said about me...

"Marek was part of my team in Holcim Slovakia. He highly exceeded the standards with his innovative approach and experience in online marketing. It was great for me to handover the whole project to him because of his abilities and positive attitude."

Marián Brezovský

Marketing Manager, Holcim Slovakia

"I have worked with Marek on the petrol station strategic marketing & sales plan development. I have been impressed with Marek's great abilities to lead a complex project in a very structured manner over a longer period of time."

Ivan Pružinec

Head of Marketing & Sales, Procter & Gamble

"I have worked with Marek on the sales strategy, business model and investment valuations. He helped us to reach the annual targets within 8 months. I really like and admire his no problem attitude and enthusiasm."

Slavomíra Szlama

CAPEX Manager, Gruber Finance

"There was a complex project with financial strategy for petrol stations. Marek was in charge of the project demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of the financial aspects of running a business. His result-driven and pragmatic approach to business makes him a great contibutor to the project."

Sergiy Andriychuk

Finance Director, Whirlpool Corporation - EMEA
Marek Straka príbeh

Marek Straka story

How I contribute to improve the business?

I help to grow business of my clients and their sales through company consulting, business strategies and data analytics/ models as a business consultant. I take closer look to finance, marketing and operations.

I have worked in the field of consulting services and corporate strategies for over 10 years and have over 6 years of entrepreneurship experience.

Marek Straka - Fields of excellence

  • Corporate & business strategy
  • Digital marketing and data analytics
  • Operations and business financing
  • Change management

Throughout my career I have worked with many clients from small businesses to large corporations and public entities. During this time span I have been involved in industries such as construction, retail, FMCG, utilities, digital and finance.

At the moment I work as a business consultant  for a Big 4 consulting company. I help to grow and improve performance of the companies and public sector entities.


strategicke poradenstvo

Corporate Strategy

Petrol station company. (Marketing, Finance, Sales). Annual sales growth by € 17 mil.

Strategický manažment

Project implementation

CAPEX strategy for SME segment. Annual plan achieved within 8 months.

Digitálna stratégia

Digital strategy

Online strategy for a business listing website. Number #2 on the market within 1.5 years.


  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Business Model
  • Operations


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