Marek Straka

Business Plan

Business plan services for companies and individuals.

Creation of business plans for banks, investors or fund purposes.

Advisory and consulting for business plans.

Strategy definition aiming to achieve desired objectives.

Writing a business plan for needs of management, strategy or other.

Making of financial projections and market analysis for business plan purposes.

Longterm cooperation even after the project closure.

Let's Work Together

Longterm professional experience in business plan writing, strategies and advisory. Experience from private and public projects.

Custom made business plan on-time delivery according to your deadline.

Big 4 experience from national and multinational projects.

Personal consultantions and 24/7 advisory during the project.


Successful business plans and strategies


Hours worked


Value of all business plan projects

Focus on client needs. Me and my team provide quality check of all business, market and financial data before the project even begins.

Support of bank or investor issues all along the business plan project.

Diverse business team for correct setup of business, marketing and finance modules.

Our business plans raise your chances of success by 30% - 40%.

Writing a Business Plan

When to Create a Business Plan

Raise chances for bank financing by a perfect business plan.

Attract investors by a granular and stunning business plan.

Request for eurofunds or government support.

Create a strategic document for management purposes.

For other purposes such as change of legal form, etc.

Business Plan Prerequisites

Clear business idea of your project and next steps.

Detailed product/ service description.

Basic revenue and cost data.

Basic market knowledge and your product/ service deployment.

Know your 1-3 main competitors.


    Business plan purpose: *

    Longterm experience with strategies and business plan.

    Successful projects from different industries. (Retail, utility, digital, public, finance).

    Knowledge and Big 4 experience (Management consulting).

    Customer support 24/7 (Skype, phone, meeting).

    Value for money instead of theory (Verified skills and experience by own projects).